[private]There are many benefits of the Bangun-Bangun (Indian Borage) plant, comprising for medication, cullinary and also for perfumery.

Its scientific name is the Plectranthus amboinensis from the Labiate family and has many other common names – Broadleaf Thyme, Country Borage, Cuban Oregano, French-Thyme, Indian Borage, Indian-Mint, Mexican Mint, Soup-Mint, and Spanish Thyme. It has thick leaves that look nearly like the Ati-ati, with either sides having hairs and when crushed will produce a nice minted aroma.

The stem is soft, light green in colour and would sag downwards to the ground.  The leaves emerge all along the stems while there are also small leaf branches at each leaf stalk thus making the plant easy to turn into bushes.  The plant is also easily propagated – by simply breaking the stems for bud grafting or inserted in the ground.

The juice from the leaves is said to be effective against cough and asthma. The Malay traditional method is by simply boiling a handful of leaves in water and the mixture is consumed when lukewarm.

Some people use the leaves for aroma in preparing tea.  The practice is also common among those who suffer hereditary asthma. A piece of leaf would normally suffice for a cup of tea.  One would have to quit taking the mixture when there are side effects.

The leaves are also used to relieve headaches, unconsciousness, and animal bites.  For headaches, the leaves are crushed and patched onto the forehead.  To resuscitate a person who fell unconscious, the leaves are put near the patient’s nose.  The crushed leaves are patched onto the affected area of animal bites.

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